Install MySQL database server and create a database


You can install MySQL on your local PC in two ways. The first way is to install MySQL wizard that make your localhost as MySQL server. The second way is to install Xampp server.

The difference between the 2 ways is when you install the MySQL wizard, then the MySQL server is connected automatically when you start your PC.

And if you install the Xampp server, then you have to manually connect the database server when you need to use it. So your PC boot time will no longer slower.

Let’s install Xampp server and connect to MySQL

You can download the latest Xampp server here.

After simply install it, you will see a xampp-control in baloon notification bar.

Or you can search by Xampp in windows search bar

Then open it.

You will find MySQL service is by default stopped. Start it. MySQL service will start at 3306 port.

Now, for accessing the MySQL service, start the Apache server. It will start the 80 and 443 port.

Now navigate this url:


You will see the MySQL database interface.

Let’s create a database.

Click on database link and name the database.

Then click on Create button. You will find database has been created.

Now you can create table from this window. But we will not create table from here. We will use a MySQL client.

You can download the client from here. Then install it normally.

After successful install, you will see an interface like this.

Click on New button. GIve your connection name and press ok button.

Now you will see your MySQL admin name that is by default “root” and password is empty. Simply click on connect button and click yes to save the dialog.

Now it will take you to the main query interface. In here, you will find the database you created from the Xampp web interface.

Let’s create a table for this database.

Now expand the database and right click by selecting table.

Click on Create Table.

Now name the table name as employees and add some columns with properties like as the below image.

Now click on save button. Click No to the dialog-box.

Now expand your database and you will find all the columns under the database table.

Now right click on your database and select Open Table

Now you will see your table data. In here showing black table as there is no data.

In next tutorial, we will insert some data using query.

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