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Conditional logic means to execute an operation depends on its prerequisite conditions. For example, if school is closed tomorrow, then we will play.

in java, if-else logic follows this pattern:

A very simple program :

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Data types specifies what type and which size of data can be stored in a variable.

Suppose, you want to eat rice and drink water. you will take rice on a plate and water in a glass. You will not … Read more

What is a Variable in Java?

Variable is a data container that stores the data. Every variable has a data type that tells which types of data it can hold. Basically variable is a memory location of the data.


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1. Run IntellIJ from start menu. Click on โ€œCreate New Projectโ€

2. Click Next

3. Select check box

4. Click Next

5. Name the project and change project location if you want. Otherwise it will show the default location

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