Class and Object

Object-Oriented Programming is a very vital topic in java as well as any other high-level programming language. The main purpose of object-oriented programming is to increase the flexibility and maintainability of programs.

The core concepts are:

  1. Class
  2. Object
  3. Method
  4. Constructor
  5. Inheritance
  6. Encapsulation
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Abstraction
  9. Interface

1. Class:
A Class is a blueprint that states the properties and behavior of an object.

class Car{
  String brand= "Toyota";
  String model= "Premio";

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Car myCar= new Car();

2. Object:
An Object is an instance of a class. In the above example, myCar is an object. An object can be initiated by using new keyword before the class. An object can contain both properties and function.

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