How to get a job or switch to a better job by Linkedin

Linkedin can help you to get a new job or switch to a better job. Here are the 5 strategies:

  1. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile:
    Strategy: Search SQA engineers on LinkedIn and see their profiles. Search jobs in bdjobs and LinkedIn, match your skill and update them. Also, create job alerts.
  2. Grow your network:
    Strategy: Update your profile at first and add connections to the HR, SQA, and developers. Wish them on their promotion, new job post, etc. This will help you introduce yourself to them.
  3. Share knowledge post:
    Strategy: Share some tech articles, your interview story, testing tools, and techniques, any troubleshoot story, etc.
  4. Create poll:
    Strategy: Create an interesting poll for your connection so that you are always highlighted to your network
  5. Give skill test and Share your skill:
    Strategy: Give LinkedIn skill tests and share them. Also, complete several courses and share them so that your valuable connections acknowledge that you are worthy enough and they can rely on you.

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